About us

We develop мulti technology scientific systems.

Our history


Initially, the company was engaged in deliveries of sophisticated instrumentation, primarily for electrical, radio, optical and acoustic measurements. At that time, the main clients were Research Institutes and the Centers of the National Academy of Sciences, laboratories of higher educational institutions, as well as structures that define the state policy in the field of metrology, standardization and certification.

Almost every day the range of supplied equipment is expanding. The laboratory-analytical and production equipment was also included to the list of supplied products in addition to the control and measuring equipment. The total number of proposed commodity items exceeded 20,000 and keeps growing.

The range of customers also constantly expands: in addition to educational, scientific and metrological laboratories, we began to work actively with production laboratories. Currently, the majority of the Belarusian economy leaders became clients of Theseus Lab Company.

In the course of work, it became clear that to solve the problems of customers it became increasingly impossible to be limited to the simple supply of finished equipment. For this reason, it became necessary to implement complicated and complex projects. Initially, it was assumed that the engineering department would deal with its own developments.  However, after analyzing the situation and assessing the prospects, it was decided to create an independent in-house developments department. The department began its work at the end of 2017.

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